Writing in History Workshop is a 5-hour elective PD that takes you step by step through the process of writing a history essay.  While my previous courses focused on teaching writing pedagogy, this new series focuses on picking up the pen and putting your skills and knowledge to work. Come prepared to think and write like an historian. We’ll learn about the SIX lenses and FIVE tools to get you thinking like an historian, crafting the perfect question, building a great thesis and argument, and practising your writing at the level of structure, evidence and cohesiveness.  

$360 (+GST)

In this course you will learn

To think like an historian. By applying SIX lenses to the past, you and your students are GUARANTEED to get in the right frame of mind to write history. No more ‘my kids are writing like English students!’

To work like an historian. By using FIVE tools to gather and assess information like an historian, you will achieve a much deeper, nuanced engagement with the past.

To ask like an historian. Learn to write the perfect history question that invites analysis, considers perspectives and encourages debate. Plus, you’ll learn about the FOUR elements that go into crafting an effective thesis statement to give your essay that quality of sustained writing.

To read like an historian. In this section, you’ll build an evidence base that perfectly complements your central thesis. You’ll learn about the relationship between thinking, evidence and writing to build your ideas as you read.

To write like an historian. In this final module, you’ll bring it all together at the level of structure, evidence and cohesiveness. You’ll learn how to keep your writing sustained with the tips and tricks of cohesive clear writing.


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About BRAD

Brad Kelly is owner of Cornerstone Teacher Learning. He has written and co-written seven books, has taught for over 20 years, and has had over 2,000 teachers through his teaching writing courses since 2019.