Before a student writes like an historian, first they have to think like an historian. Join Brad Kelly for what one teacher has called ‘the freshest approach to teaching writing I have ever learned.’


8.00PM (Eastern) and 5.00pm (Pacific)

Simply titled Teaching Writing, this course is everything it promises! 

I’ve pulled together the best activities from the last 3 years of teaching over 1,300 teachers how to teach writing more effectively and created the most practical, hands-on, step-by-step teaching writing course that will get you improvement in the classroom – starting the day after you finish the course. 

Teaching Writing starts with exploring the space between writing and teaching writing – the most important space you’ll discover. 

It’s here the penny will drop on why paragraph-first approaches fail so often! 

I will teach you to think like a writing teacher and provide the tools at the level of structure, sentences and vocabulary that will have you spotting thinking rather than marking writing. AND… 

You will learn to give effective feedback to student writing in class. On the spot! 

AND! BEST OF ALL. No learning a new writing language! My approach is deeply embedded in the LANGUAGE and OUTCOMES of YOUR SUBJECT.


• How to get into the writing shoes of your students FAST – and the insights to be gained; 

• Why paragraph-first approaches to writing often fail; 

• Structure – including how to build an argument and the horizontal structure; 

• Sentences – the 4cs of sentences in your subject; 

• Vocabulary – FOUR types of vocabulary that gives us a window into thinking in your subject; 

• Effective feedback – why you will be giving feedback in the classroom, on-the-spot, starting the day after this course! 

• And more

Hope to see you at a course soon.


Get results

Any teacher

Any teacher who wants their students to clearly express what they know in their subject is a writing teacher. 


To improve writing it is thinking first, writing second. Learn to ask better questions about the quality of thinking.


Learn to write at the level of structure, sentences and vocabulary in the language of your subject.


Understand the difference between what teachers and students do in the writing classroom makes all the difference.

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Learn at your own pace

Writing in History provides 6 hours of self-paced, online professional learning for only $220 (AUD). Join me for the most surprising path to writing improvement. 

Teacher Reviews of brad's courses


"Without being dramatic one of the best PD courses I have completed in a long time."


"This is course was excellent in teaching me a different way of helping our students develop a love of writing."


"Brad was an engaging and experienced instructor. His knowledge of content was outstanding and he provided participants with clear strategies for improving student writing and providing individual feedback."

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