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‘Brad used engaging tasks that made me rethink how I was teaching writing in my subject area.’

‘Everyday. In every lesson. This is my bread and butter!’

‘Brad’s knowledge base was extensive and he gave course participants a lot of ideas and strategies to consider.’

‘Brad has a calm, open manner which encourages openness in the course participants, allowing for honest reflection.’

‘Outstanding day. Wonderful content, accessible, thought-provoking.’

‘Your seminar has been a real boost of inspiration – I am feeling very motivated about improving my teaching and determined to make a greater difference.’

‘I was engaged the whole day. Some great ideas. Excellent!’

“Marinating” in language – love it! Cheers Brad.’

‘Lots of this will be useful on the learning to learn team that I am leading.’

‘Very positive and motivated to go back to school.’

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We have used the National Literacy Learning Progression to track the development of essay writing. And since it’s a progression….

… we have split the course into two: in Junior High School (Year 7-9) and Senior High School (Year 10-12). 

This course is one of the most practical essay writing courses on the market. It covers the whole process from question construction to selecting sources to structure to expression and conclusion. And more.

Writing an essay from Question to Conclusion is relevant for teachers from any subject area! 

The course will provide deeply practical and actionable teaching strategies that you can start using tomorrow – yes, tomorrow – it will challenge your ideas about what you think about writing and give you the skills, confidence and time to teach writing more effectively.

I hope to see you in the junior or senior writing course soon!

Writing an Essay from Question to Conclusion (Junior High School) will provide you with the foundational skills to help your students write persuasive essays.

The course will help you establish a position and organise ideas, and support and build an argument. It will strengthen your understanding of the language features of essay writing.

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Writing an Essay from Question to Conclusion (Senior High School) is designed to help your students express their understanding of what they know and understand in your subject in a much more sustained way.

In this course, you will learn how to build robust and sustained arguments on a complex topic while opening up the range of multi-modal texts that can reinforce and add authority and credibility to your arguments. You’ll learn about a range of flexible, strategic and persuasive textual devices to really give your essay a punch.

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