What really happens when students write

Join Brad Kelly for What REALLY happens when students write and get powerful insights into the act of writing which will challenge and change how you teach writing in preparation for 2024. 

There are SEVEN things that happen when students write and they are all happening in real time. Yet so many of us fall into the paragraph-first approach and wonder why were are getting little traction in our improvement efforts. 

At the end of this session, you will learn how to get ‘inside’ the writing activity to help you give faster and more accurate feedback; learn about why writing improvement is deeply embedded in the context of individual classrooms; the powerful relationship between thinking, reading and writing; and how to craft a powerful thesis statement. 

PLUS you will receive a free copy of my eBook ‘The Teaching Writing Playbook’


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About Brad

Brad is the founder and senior presenter at Cornerstone Teacher Learning. He is a teacher, writing and professional learning coach who has spent over two decades in education as a History and English teacher, holding various middle leadership positions as a department head, Director of Secondary and more recently in professional learning. He is the author of seven textbooks with Cengage and Small Caps publishing, and has had over 1,500 teachers through his courses on writing instruction in the areas of history, English and cross-curricular interventions. Brad is interested in learning how students and teachers learn with a keen interest in literacy and assessment.