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The Writing Hedge is our online offering for those who prefer to take their professional learning at their own pace. You can buy short courses or get the whole 18 hours of professional learning in one hit.

You can use The Writing Hedge as standalone professional learning, buy it at a discount after attending one of our live courses and use it as a refresher.

See you inside.

Get all six courses totalling 18 hours of professional learning to work at your own pace.

These courses are a mix of intensely practical activities that will also challenge your ideas about writing and how to teach it more effectively.

You can learn about the One Difference that Makes All the Difference, the Five Mindset Shifts you will need to teach writing more effectively, The Writing Cycle (foundational to all of Brad’s face to face courses!), the Ten Writing Features every teacher wants – no matter which curriculum area, Vocabulary that Spots Thinking (cut down on marking!) and Writing a News and Features story (just a little bonus at the end to pull it all together).

Get 12 months access to 18 hours of professional learning at The Writing Hedge for only $660 (inc. GST)

Email Brad Kelly at for an invoice and access TODAY.

Why The Writing Hedge series?

  • Self-paced online writing courses with activities to try in your classroom

  • Explore the difference between what students and teachers do in the writing classroom

  • Let’s talk about PEEL – and why a paragraph-first approach to writing has its limits

  • Examine the rhythm of teaching writing

  • Understand why learning is difficult. And that’s the point!

  • Discover the five mindset shifts that you need to make about ‘writing improvement’

  • Learn about the ‘writing cycle’ – a process that will help you ask better questions about the development of student thinking

  • Identify and practise the 10 writing features that every teacher wants from across the curriculum

  • Cut down on marking by beginning to spot thinking

  • PLUS much more