The trump presidency and its aftermath

Join Brad Kelly, author of The Globalised World and The World Order 1991-2011, for this Year 11 Case Study course on The Trump Presidency and Its Aftermath.Rarely has there been a politician as divisive as Donald J. Trump, forty-fifth President of the United States. To his supporters, he is a brash anti-establishment politician out to right the wrongs suffered by a political base that feels besieged by the economic, political and social changes of early twenty-first century and with a mandate to ‘make American great again.’ To his opponents, he is a reckless demagogue and coup leader, and a threat to the very foundations of American democracy and political decency.


With a focus on historical skills and sources, we will explore the presidency of Donald Trump in light of the forces that changed America in the early 2000s, the strength of US democratic institutions, the rise of American nationalism and the Trump cult of personality.

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In this course you will learn

The historical context: 

  • The changing economic, social and political forces in the United States since the turn of the century including:
  • The rustbelt, growing inequality, ‘economic nationalism’ and the reaction against globalisation;
  • Culture wars, influences on Republican Party politics including of the US evangelical movement and the Tea Party;
  • The nature of American political institutions including US Constitutional safeguards, the Electoral College, non-compulsory voting and the two-party system.


The nature of the Trump Presidency 

  • The ‘American carnage’ speech and the America First Doctrine;
  • Trump’s domestic policies and style of leadership including building the wall, draining the swamp, Twitter and the Trump rallies;
  • Trump’s foreign policy including China, Russia and NATO;
  • The nature and influence of various groups and individuals such as Steve Bannon and the MAGA movement;
  • The impact of the Trump presidency on democratic institutions including the free press, political system, judiciary and law enforcement and intelligence services;
  • The lead up, events and aftermath of January 6 2021.


A relevant historical debate 

  • To what extent does the Trump appeal rely on the cult of personality?



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About Brad

Brad is the founder and senior presenter at Cornerstone Teacher Learning. He is a teacher, writing and professional learning coach who has spent over two decades in education as a History and English teacher, holding various middle leadership positions as a department head, Director of Secondary and more recently in professional learning. He is the author of seven textbooks with Cengage and Small Caps publishing, and has had over 1,500 teachers through his courses on writing instruction in the areas of history, English and cross-curricular interventions. Brad is interested in learning how students and teachers learn with a keen interest in literacy and assessment.