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‘Brad used engaging tasks that made me rethink how I was teaching writing in my subject area.’

‘Everyday. In every lesson. This is my bread and butter!’

‘Brad’s knowledge base was extensive and he gave course participants a lot of ideas and strategies to consider.’

‘Brad has a calm, open manner which encourages openness in the course participants, allowing for honest reflection.’

‘Outstanding day. Wonderful content, accessible, thought-provoking.’

‘Your seminar has been a real boost of inspiration – I am feeling very motivated about improving my teaching and determined to make a greater difference.’

‘I was engaged the whole day. Some great ideas. Excellent!’

“Marinating” in language – love it! Cheers Brad.’

‘Lots of this will be useful on the learning to learn team that I am leading.’

‘Very positive and motivated to go back to school.’

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Would it be ok if I start by making you a promise?

I promise that the Playbook is the most surprising path to writing improvement. 

Hi, I’m Brad Kelly. As a teacher, writing coach and professional writer of 20 years, I have dedicated the second half of my career to exploring the space between writing and teaching writing. It’s a fascinating area that is rarely considered when we start our writing improvement programs.

The Teaching Writing Playbook will introduce you to that space. 

As well as giving you deeply practical and actionable teaching strategies that you can start using tomorrow – I promise – it will challenge your ideas about what you think about writing and give you the skills, confidence and time in 8 steps to teach writing more effectively.

Take a look around, read the testimonials and I hope to see you at the Playbook soon.

The Teaching Writing Playbook: The Most Surprising Path to Writing Improvement e-book will change your approach to teaching writing.

The Playbook is written for teachers from across the curriculum in a conversational style that will help you ask better questions about the development of student thinking and writing.

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The Teaching Writing Playbook is a 5 hour course that will help you think differently about teaching writing.

We will work through EIGHT steps to help you gain more skills, confidence and time to teach writing – no matter what your subject area.

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Why The Teaching Writing Playbook series?

Don’ts of traditional writing instruction

  • Writing is what students do and teaching is what teachers do

  • Writing is separate from the development of ideas

  • Writing is only about structure, sentences and syntax

  • Writing is what happens at the end of a sequence of lessons

  • We need a crash course in traditional grammar

  • We spend all night marking sentences and structure

  • The teacher doesn’t need to write to understand writing

  • To teach writing effectively, we have to spend a huge amount of time building resources

Do’s of the most surprising path to writing improvement

  • Understand the difference between what students and teachers do in the writing classroom

  • Writing and thinking are happening at the same time. And writing follows thinking.

  • Effective writing teachers stretch out their definition of writing far beyond expression

  • Spring-load your teaching activities to get more out of the writing task

  • There are lots of features of writing – but here are 10 that every teacher wants from across the curriculum

  • Marking is about spotting thinking

  • Writing and teaching writing are two very different skills

  • We dumb nothing down – but we take simple ideas into a complex classroom