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‘I will take this back to my team to deepen their learning about a better way of tackling writing in history’

‘Really beneficial in delivering literacy strategies that are subject specific.’

‘A reminder of what distinguishes history and English writing. I gained vocabulary for discussions with staff and students.’

‘The course allowed for a greater understanding of writing and thinking about writing.’

‘It was great to be put in the position of the learner.’

‘Very clear, concise and manageable. Love the workbook idea! Refreshing from power point drag! Workbooks were interactive and notes key skills and strategies.’

‘Will be so useful in the classroom!’

‘The guided annotations of a response were excellent. It allows us to show samples from all grades and break down what separates grades and point out features.’

‘Brad took the process slow and allowed time for the team to stop and talk and refine the skills and strategies. Thank you for the refreshing statements about what we are not doing right in our schools.’

‘The big picture – then narrowing to individual steps.’

Call me biased, but I really think every history teacher needs to do this course.

Hi, I’m Brad Kelly and thank you for visiting the Teaching Writing in History page. I’ve been around history and students and writing and teachers and schools for a long time; fifteen years as a teacher, 5 years as a writing coach, 7 books written, over 1,000 teachers through my courses, and this is the best I can come up with after 20 years. So far. 

Teaching Writing in History is an intensely practical look inside three essays at junior, middle and senior levels. It is designed to build senior history students in junior history by carefully stepping through the skills and writing standards required at each level. Each stage builds on the last and by the time you get to the end of this course you will be better equipped to teaching writing in history.

Take a look around and I’ll see you in a course soon.


Teaching Writing in History is a highly practical 5 hour workshop that takes you step-by-step through three essays, using the Cuban Missile Crisis as an example.

This course will work through the writing progression and a history skills progression through junior history (12-14 year olds), middle history (15-16 year olds) and senior history (17-18 year olds) so that you avoid the biggest trap in teaching history – expecting too much of junior students and too little of senior students.

$AUD330 (inc. GST)

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Teaching Writing in History is a free one hour webinar that will give you an overview of the three levels of essay writing at junior, middle and senior levels – and understand why a progression is so important.

You’ll walk away feeling more confident in your approach to teaching writing in history and you’ll also receive an invitation to sign up to our 5 hour course.

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Why should I join Teaching Writing in History?

  • Teaching Writing in History is designed to build senior history students in the junior years

  • A deeply practical step-by-step process through writing a history essay at junior, middle and senior years of high school

  • Teaching Writing in History identifies the skills required at each level and works step-by-step through the process of building activities that helps your students build an understanding of the past using those skills.

  • The course uses a writing process that gets the teacher ‘inside’ the activity so that they can clearly see what is happening in the task. You will never teach writing the same again after you’ve been ‘inside it.’ 

  • Each essay will use the Cuban Missile Crisis as the guide to builds student understanding of the confrontation and the forces and factors that led to it

  • You will get a 60-page book that covers each and every step of the whole process from planning to question to conclusion

  • Each essay is annotated to demonstrate relevant technical writing features

  • Teaching Writing in History helps you understand the difference between writing and teaching writing

Will Brad work with my history department?

Yes. Brad loves working with small teams to help strengthen your ability to write and teach writing. He has the right mix of writing thinking skills and highly practical strategies to get your team the results they need. Brad is available for various delivery models. Email bradkelly@cornerstoneteacherlearning.com.au to open up the conversation.

About Brad Kelly

Brad Kelly has had a long association with history and history teaching. He was head teacher of history for 15 years (among other educational leadership positions) and he has written six history textbooks on 20th century history including two on the Cold War, two on global world order and two on Nazi Germany. Brad also leads student and teacher history study tours through Germany, Italy and Russia with Academy Travel. In 2019, he started Cornerstone Teacher Learning where he has helped over 1,000 teachers teach writing more effectively. He is fascinated by the space between writing and teaching writing, and he is committed to spending the second half of his professional career exploring this important area – to help students write more clearly and teachers teach more confidently.