Teaching writing in history

Teaching Writing in History is a 5-hour highly practical workshop that will take you step-by-step inside three essays at junior, middle and senior level. Along the way, you’ll discover the most surprising path to writing improvement. The course will put you in the shoes of your students and challenge what you mean by ‘writing’ to include the historical thinking habits that are the bedrock of expression. We will take a deep dive into three essays to show both a writing path and a history skills path where each module builds on the writing techniques and skills of the previous module.

$360 (+GST)

Completing Teaching Writing in History will contribute 5 hours of NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) Accredited PD in the priority area of Delivery and Assessment of NSW Curriculum/EYLF addressing standard descriptors 2.5.2 from the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers towards maintaining Proficient Teacher Accreditation in NSW.

In this course you will learn

Why writing and teaching writing are two different skillsets – and that is the one difference that makes all the difference. You’ll be placed in the shoes of your students to experience how it feels to write and then learn more about this insight through The Writing Cycle. We will also dispel some myths about the nature of writing in history and why writing follows thinking.

You’ll understand that how we arrive at our stories about the past is ‘doing history’ – and pick up a clear writing and skills progression from Year 7 – 12 along the way. You’ll learn how to spring-load your teaching activities in ways that enhance writing and you’ll be given a formula for thinking about key terms and concepts.

You’ll learn about writing at the level structure, sentences and vocabulary, including four types of vocabulary you want students to master to write more effectively in history. You’ll gather some historical writing tools to help you zoom in and out of the past, why writing a great hook keeps the reader interested, the detail trail and concise writing and when to use the general and specific.

This course has been called the freshest approach to writing improvement in history out there. You are welcome along!

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Here's 7 things you need to think about to teach writing in history more effectively

About Brad

Brad is the founder and senior presenter at Cornerstone Teacher Learning. He is a teacher, writing and professional learning coach who has spent over two decades in education as a History and English teacher, holding various middle leadership positions as a department head, Director of Secondary and more recently in professional learning. He is the author of seven textbooks with Cengage and Small Caps publishing, and has had over 1,500 teachers through his courses on writing instruction in the areas of history, English and cross-curricular interventions. Brad is interested in learning how students and teachers learn with a keen interest in literacy and assessment.