The teaching writing playbook for beginning teachers online

The Teaching Writing Playbook is an 8.5-hour elective PD self-paced ONLINE course that is aimed at beginning teachers to get your writing instruction off on the right foot. 

Too many writing programs emphasise expression, and while that is important, most writing problems are not found there. The Teaching Writing Playbook helps you to identify other, more surprising, paths to writing improvement. 

The Playbook is for every teacher from across the curriculum to give you the confidence, skills, rules and insight needed to help your students express what they know and understand in your subject. 

$220 (inc. GST)

course features



  • How to walk in the writing shoes of your students every time;
  • How students learn and why thinking is at the heart of writing;
  • The Writing Cycle – and why writing problems are often thinking problems;
  • The ten writing features we all want – whatever our subject area; 
  • Spring-loading your teaching and learning with literate rich activities; 
  • The rhythm of teaching writing in the classroom; 
  • And much more. 

If you have any questions about access, please email Brad at

About Brad

Brad is the founder and senior presenter at Cornerstone Teacher Learning. He is a teacher, writing and professional learning coach who has spent over two decades in education as a History and English teacher, holding various middle leadership positions as a department head, Director of Secondary and more recently in professional learning. He is the author of seven textbooks with Cengage and Small Caps publishing, and has had over 1,500 teachers through his courses on writing instruction in the areas of history, English and cross-curricular interventions. Brad is interested in learning how students and teachers learn with a keen interest in literacy and assessment.