The Teaching Writing Playbook Course

The Teaching Writing Playbook Course2021-09-22T17:01:04+11:00

The Teaching Writing Playbook Course 

The most surprising path to writing improvement

The Teaching Writing Playbook is a 5 hour course that will help you think differently about teaching writing. We will work through EIGHT steps to help you gain more skills, confidence and time to teach writing – no matter what your subject area.

$330 AUD

You will also receive a complimentary copy of The Teaching Writing Playbook e-book.


  • The difference between what students and what teachers do in the writing classroom – and why understanding this difference is the one difference that makes all the difference.

  • Why most writing problems are actually thinking problems

  • About The Writing Cycle – a six-step process to ask better questions about the most common roadblocks in student writing;

  • How to spring-load your teaching activities with literate rich activities

  • The ten features we all want from student writing from across the curriculum

  • How to stop marking writing and start spotting thinking

  • The difference between writing and teaching writing – they are two different skill sets

  • And how to get traction in your writing improvement program.

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