Teaching Writing in History FREE Seminar

Teaching Writing in History FREE Seminar2021-09-30T13:29:03+11:00

Teaching Writing in History FREE Seminar

Senior students are built in junior history

Teaching Writing in History will help you develop a progression of writing and history skills at junior, middle and senior levels. Using the example of the Cuban missile crisis we’ll cover the progression of both history and writing skills that will help you teach writing more effectively.


  • Why writing problems in history are often thinking problems

  • How to spring-load your teaching activities for great writing

  • How to avoid demanding too much of our junior students – and too little of our senior students

  • Why senior history students are built in junior history

  • How any student can use evidence to support a response

  • How to use vocabulary that spots thinking

  • Moving up the higher order thinking ladder

  • The difference between writing and teaching writing in history

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About Brad Kelly

Brad Kelly has had a long association with history and history teaching. He was head teacher of history for 15 years (among other educational leadership positions) and he has written six history textbooks on 20th century history including two on the Cold War, two on global world order and two on Nazi Germany. Brad also leads student and teacher history study tours through Germany, Italy and Russia with Academy Travel. In 2019, he started Cornerstone Teacher Learning where he has helped over 1,000 teachers teach writing more effectively. He is fascinated by the space between writing and teaching writing, and he is committed to spending the second half of his professional career exploring this important area – to help students write more clearly and teachers teach more confidently.