Investigating Ancient History

Join Dr. Estelle Lazer for this 5-hour course, Investigating Ancient History. Dr. Lazer will both inspire and help you develop the skills of an ancient historian through an exploration of her own work in Antarctica and other places, and the work of others. In this course you will learn the concepts and skills of the ancient historian including using, analysing and interpreting sources, and framing an investigation and research.

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In this course you will learn

Part 1: Investigating sites and sources

About investigating ancient sites and sources including how excavation and recording techniques have changed over time. Learn about how archaeological and scientific techniques have contributed to new discoveries and enhanced investigation of the past – and why STEM is at the centre of learning about the past.


Part 2: Preserving the past

In this section, we will look at the problems of reconstructing the past through archaeological evidence alone. We will see how ancient texts, inscriptions and iconography contribute to an understanding of the past. Estelle will examine preservation, conservation and reconstruction of ancient sites, as well as the nature of sites and the conditions and extent of remains. This will lead onto a discussion of conserving and preserving sites, and factors which threaten the integrity of sites. Finally, we look at methods to preserve, conserve or reconstruct sites including international efforts.


Part 3: Ethical issues

In this part, we will look at the treatment and display of human remains. We look at issues to do with the condition of human remains and how they were preserved, discovered and removed from their location. We look at the scientific analysis of finds and methods of preservation, the significance of human remains for an understanding of their times, social status, beliefs and practices, health and the environment. Finally, we seek to understand the ethics of treatment, display and ownership of remains.

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About Dr. Estelle

Dr Estelle Lazer hails from the University of Sydney and she is one of the most highly respected and loved figures in the Ancient History teaching community. She has spent over three decades working with bones at Pompeii, but equally – and most importantly – she loves sharing her passion about Ancient History with teachers and students who are very much still living and breathing. Dr. Estelle is a co-director of the Pompeii Cast Project and spends her time commuting between Australia and Italy where she can be found digging up bones, leading tours and presenting her research to teachers.