Improving Writing Across the Curriculum

Improving Writing Across the Curriculum2022-05-02T11:51:26+11:00

‘Will be so useful in the classroom!’

‘The guided annotations of a response were excellent. It allows us to show samples from all grades and break down what separates grades and point out features.’

‘The big picture – then narrowing to individual steps.’

‘I will take this back to my team to deepen their learning about a better way of tackling writing in history.’

‘A reminder of what distinguishes history and English writing. I gained vocabulary for discussions with staff and students.’

Improving Writing Across the Curriculum

Improving Writing Across the Curriculum is a 5-hour course that teaches you the technical writing skills to improve student writing – in whatever your subject area. This is for teachers who want to develop the skills and confidence – and get the resources needed – to turn student writing around in the right direction in your subject area.

$330 (inc GST)

You will learn:

  • A new way of thinking about writing that removes the overwhelm

  • Why writing is so much more than expression

  • The reason why writing problems are often thinking problems – and what to do about it

  • Why paragraph-first approaches to writing are holding back student writing improvement

  • The key differences between writing and teaching writing – and why that makes all the difference

  • The power selecting relevant, detailed information to write about – and why that is the superpower of writing

  • The Writing Cycle as a formative assessment tool to give effective feedback to writing that moves learning forward

  • The horizontal and vertical structure of writing to help with planning

  • The power of strong verbs to cut out waffle

  • The language of degree and judgement

  • Why linking ideas together is the foundation of sustained writing

  • The 4cs of sentences

  • How to effectively use evidence to support ideas in writing

  • Plus much more!

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About Brad Kelly

Brad Kelly has had a long association with history and history teaching. He was head teacher of history for 15 years (among other educational leadership positions) and he has written six history textbooks on 20th century history including two on the Cold War, two on global world order and two on Nazi Germany. Brad also leads student and teacher history study tours through Germany, Italy and Russia with Academy Travel.

In 2019, he started Cornerstone Teacher Learning where he has helped over 1,000 teachers teach writing more effectively. He is fascinated by the space between writing and teaching writing, and he is committed to spending the second half of his professional career exploring this important area – to help students write more clearly and teachers teach more confidently.