HSC Study Day – The Cold War 1945-1991

HSC Study Day – The Cold War 1945-19912021-07-22T13:24:53+11:00

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Brad Kelly, author of The Cold War will help students while away the dog days of self-isolation by running a HSC Study Day for The Cold War.  

The course will cover:

Part 1: The Origins of the Cold War  

  • Students will gain an overview of the origins of the Cold War from 1945-1953
  • They will look at the failure among the Great Alliance to agree on the future of Germany, Berlin and Europe as the seeds of the conflict
  • Students will examine containment in eastern Europe and the spread of communism in Asia after 1949

Part 2: The Development of the Cold War to 1968

  • The influence of ideology and geopolitics on the development of the Cold War
  • Containment, dominoes and peaceful co-existence
  • The arms race and space race
  • The Berlin Wall (1961), the Cuban Missile Crisis (1962) and the Prague Spring (1968)

Part 3: Détente  

  • The reasons and consequences of détente
  • China, the A-bomb and the Sino-Soviet split
  • Ostpolitik in eastern Europe
  • Vietnam and events in the Middle East

Part 4: The renewal and end of the Cold War

  • The Soviet invasion of Afghanistan and the Iranian Revolution
  • The United States under Reagan
  • Gorbachev, glasnost and perestroika
  • The fall of the Berlin Wall
  • The end of the Cold War

About the presenter:

Brad Kelly (BA, Grad Dip. Ed, MEd Leadership) is an author and writing coach based in Wollongong. He has 15 years of experience in the classroom and in curriculum leadership. Brad has authored five modern history textbooks with Cengage Nelson including The Cold War 1945-1991 (2018), The World Order 1991-2011 (2018), Investigating Modern History (2018) and more. He has been a presenter at HTA NSW, TTA professional learning and consults schools on improving writing instruction. Brad is a tour leader with Academy Travel, and leads the Modern History teacher development tour to Germany and Russia.

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