HSC Study Day – The Changing World Order 1945-2011

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HSC Study Day – The Changing World Order 1945-2011

Zoom Session.

$40 + GST per student

Brad Kelly, author of The World Order: 1945-2011 will help students while away the dog days of self-isolation by running a HSC Study Day for The Changing World Order.

The course will cover:

Part 1: The Role of the United States in the World

  • Students will gain an overview of the ‘American Century’ and superpower rivalry during the Cold War
  • An overview of American foreign policy in Europe, Asia and the Middle East after the end of the Cold War
  • Changes in American foreign policy after September 11

Part 2: Europe and Russia

  • The transition of post-Soviet Russia to democratic capitalism and economic shock therapy
  • The leadership of Gorbachev, Yeltsin and Putin
  • The rise of the European Union and the challenges of the Global Financial Crisis
  • The rise of nationalism in Europe

Part 3: New Centres of Power

  • The emergence of China as a powerful economic, political and military force
  • The emergence of the BRIC countries in response to the GFC
  • The role of non-state actors in the changing world order

Part 4: The United Nations

  • The challenges of the UN during the Cold War
  • Balancing sovereignty and international cooperation
  • The case study – Yugoslavia and Rwanda

About the presenter:

Brad Kelly (BA, Grad Dip. Ed, MEd Leadership) is an author and writing coach based in Wollongong. He has 15 years of experience in the classroom and in curriculum leadership. Brad has authored five modern history textbooks with Cengage Nelson including The Cold War 1945-1991 (2018), The World Order 1991-2011 (2018), Investigating Modern History (2018) and more. He has been a presenter at HTA NSW, TTA professional learning and consults schools on improving writing instruction. Brad is a tour leader with Academy Travel, and leads the Modern History teacher development tour to Germany and Russia.



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