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‘Brad used engaging tasks that made me rethink how I was teaching writing in my subject area.’

‘Everyday. In every lesson. This is my bread and butter!’

‘Brad’s knowledge base was extensive and he gave course participants a lot of ideas and strategies to consider.’

‘Brad has a calm, open manner which encourages openness in the course participants, allowing for honest reflection.’

‘Outstanding day. Wonderful content, accessible, thought-provoking.’

‘Your seminar has been a real boost of inspiration – I am feeling very motivated about improving my teaching and determined to make a greater difference.’

‘I was engaged the whole day. Some great ideas. Excellent!’

“Marinating” in language – love it! Cheers Brad.’

‘Lots of this will be useful on the learning to learn team that I am leading.’

‘Very positive and motivated to go back to school.’

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This is the writing improvement program you asked for. 

Hi, my name is Brad Kelly. I have taught over 1,000 teachers to teach writing more effectively – and with 20 years experience in the classroom and over half a million published words under my belt, I have spent the last seven years trying to crack the code to help teachers make real and lasting change in their classroom. Starting tomorrow. 

After all, most writing improvement programs start with loads of promises and run out of petrol really fast. 

Five Lessons Away is a professional learning program that you can master in five lessons. Build these teaching, thinking and writing habits into your classroom and watch your students write with greater clarity, control and craft! 

See you inside.   

Join Brad Kelly for FIVE LESSONS AWAY: the writing improvement program you asked for. 

At the end of this course, you’ll make the subtle shifts to improve how you teach writing in only five lessons. 

You’ll come out the other side with an actionable writing program that will give you more confidence and skills when it comes to teaching writing – whatever your subject area. 

$67 (inc. GST) 

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Can you really teach writing sentences without the words ‘simple, compound and complex’ guard railing your ideas? Yeah – those sentence types are for prison! 

Does an overemphasis on paragraph structure really hurt student writing outcomes? You bet! Learn about another type of structure that eats paragraphs for breakfast. 

Why is the writing game won or lost at vocabulary? Come and find out how to spot thinking rather than mark writing. 

Is evidence selection really the superpower of writing? Yes! 

Every time I read something of yours, you keep talking about the difference between writing and teaching writing. That’s splitting hairs right? Nope. It’s the biggest game changer in the classroom! 

Come join me for FIVE LESSONS AWAY: the writing improvement program that you asked for.