The Teacher Writer Workshop

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The Teacher Writer Workshop

Every teacher is a writer. In this nuts-and-bolts workshop, Brad Kelly will guide you through the process of producing a piece of writing from your subject area that will make you pin-it-on-the-fridge proud. Along the way, you’ll discover insights about writing that will make you a more effective teacher and – more importantly – make you into a teacher writer.   

Webinar: $290 + GST per person

Each course is capped at 10 participants to allow for authentic mentoring and participation.

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The Teacher Writer Workshop is a course for teachers from across the curriculum that:  

  • Builds the capacity of teachers to write and teach writing.
  • Gives teachers the tools to effectively write with choice.
  • Helps teachers to identify what they want from student writing.

In this 5 hour course you will:

  • Discover that writers are made and not born – starting now.
  • Produce 500-800 words in your subject area that will sparkle.
  • Gain insight into why your own practice as a teacher writer will build your pedagogy, assessment and writing skills.  
  • Learn how to let the text do the talking and when to shut up and listen.  
  • Rethink where the weight of instruction should be in developing writing skills.  
  • Forget everything you’ve learned about structure and ‘correctness’
  • Understand that writing is thinking and that clear thinking equals clear writing.
  • Embrace the idea that writing is choice.  
  • Appreciate that the basic unit of writing is the idea – not grammatical rules.
  • Develop the tools to massage your ideas into life on the page.   
  • Overcome page fright and walk away calling yourself a teacher writer.  

About the presenter: Brad Kelly

Brad Kelly (BA, Grad Dip. Ed, MEd) is a teacher writer based in Wollongong, NSW. With over 15 years classroom experience, he is now a writing coach, teacher mentor and founder of Cornerstone Teacher Learning. Brad has written seven history books and countless articles. He has presented with TTA, HTANSW, Cengage Learning and Academy Travel. He spends his days putting his head together with teachers trying to work out how to teach writing more effectively through his popular course Improving Writing Instruction Across the Curriculum 7-12. He thinks writing is a walk in the park compared to teaching writing and he is totally convinced that writers are made and not born.

Here’s What People are Saying!

‘Quite personalised and with individual feedback which is unusual for a teacher PD.’ –Sydney participant, DET.

‘This course had been very useful in understanding what makes ‘good writing’ – moving away from the structure and delivering into the content.’ – Sydney participant, Independent.

‘I have gained so much knowledge and confirmed many of my points.’ – Sydney participant, DET.

‘It enhanced my understanding of writing by providing me with different tools to engage students in a variety of texts.’ – Sydney participant, DET.

‘The point on responding and comparing for different purposes, styles and audiences resonated most with me. (Syllabus)’-Sydney participant, DET.

‘Fantastic! So refreshing and a luxury to be able to write outside of the class and syllabuses.’ – Sydney participant, Independent.

‘I have gained insight into appreciating writing as an art form that is guided but not restricted.’ Sydney participant, DET.

‘I’ll definitely be taking things back to school from this day.’ – Sydney participant, DET.

‘It allowed me to focus on writing myself and practice this skill.’ – Sydney participant, DET.

‘The annotation of sources was a useful activity that provided insight into its application in improving writing.’ – Sydney participant, DET.

‘It was so good to revisit writing skills – to learn what is working in the broader educational community and to know what to keep in my own teaching practice.’ – Sydney participant, Independent.

‘Having the opportunity to write and share what we have written and receive feedback on this.’ – Sydney participant, Independent.

‘Engaging, practical, clear and resourceful.’ – Sydney participant, DET.

‘Working individually with each person and offering genuine individual feedback was highly effective.’ – Sydney participant, DET.

‘It was extremely beneficial to be able to write my own piece of writing.’ – Sydney participant, DET.

‘Very enjoyable!’ – Sydney participant, Independent.

‘Very engaging, encouraging and a REAL practical learning experience.’ – Sydney participant, Independent.

‘The donkey visual is great! The text demonstrated the way to use texts/engage writers. ’ – Sydney participant, DET.

‘Brad was very supportive and provided multiple ideas, different skills and opinions to help engage in writing.’ – Sydney participant, DET.

‘Good use of questions and sharing to highlight process.’ – Sydney participant, DET.

‘Brad created an intimate, positive learning environment. Having to do the homework beforehand made the workshop more meaningful.’ – Sydney participant, Independent.

‘I will take my knowledge back to my staffroom.’ – Sydney participant, DET.

‘I’ll be taking quite a bit of advice back to school.’ – Sydney participant, DET.

‘Presenting my main ideas to the staff and students from this workshop will allow students to understand the ‘humanness’ of writing and that it’s not perfect first go.’ –Sydney participant, DET.

‘I will work with my students to delve deeper into the content and not focus so much on structure.’ – Sydney participant, Independent.

‘I have changed my ideas about writing and will be telling my colleagues about what I have learnt.’ – Sydney participant, Independent.

‘By immediately changing the way I assist students in writing instruction. Engaging with the texts from locating to synthesising’ – Sydney participant, Independent.

‘I am going to continue working on my writing, write more frequently and use these strategies in the classroom ‘to write about ideas.’ – Sydney participant, DET.

‘Thinking of writing more source driven writing to bring in the concepts of engaging with text.’ – Sydney participant, DET.

‘It has reinforced what I already do and I feel more confident in asserting the importance of critical thought and sophistication of ideas over structure.’ – Sydney participant, Independent.

‘Helps me build on my art as a writer.’ – Sydney participant, DET.

‘It’s built my awareness of the choices I’m making as well as increasing awareness in my students.’ – Sydney participant, DET.

‘Extremely practical and very useful to incorporate into the classroom.’ – Sydney Independent, DET.

‘I am much more confident in the process of writing and marking’ – Sydney participant, Independent.

‘Being practical and having the chance to evaluate the texts we give students and how they engage with the text.’ – Sydney participant, DET.

‘The annotation and sharing of writing was particularly helpful.’ – Sydney participant, DET.

‘I loved the practical focus of the workshop as well as the ability and opportunity to share.’ – Sydney participant, Independent.

‘Really, really useful – real mindshift in how I think about teaching writing.’ – Sydney participant, Independent.

‘It really helped to break down the writing process.’ – Sydney participant, DET.

‘The course was really helpful.’ – Sydney participant, DET.

‘Thanks so much!!’ – Sydney participant, Independent.

‘I really enjoyed the course – engaging in discussion about writing as well as writing ourselves/sharing feedback was really helpful.’ – Sydney participant, Independent.

‘Loved the active writing vs teaching writing.’ – Sydney participant, Independent.

‘Excellent! Challenged my teaching in the best way.’ – Sydney participant, DET.

‘A great range of resources/helpful ideas/strategies’ – Sydney participant, Independent.

‘Changed my perspective on teaching and writing.’ – Sydney participant, DET.

‘Brad helped me navigate the breakdown of the syllabus.’ – Sydney participant, DET.

‘Thank you! It was great!’– Sydney participant, Independent.

‘Very engaging and insightful.’ – Sydney participant, Independent.

‘Very relatable!’ – Sydney participant, DET.

‘I loved the ideas/feedback/thinking in new ways.’ – Sydney participant, Independent.

‘Thank you – Brilliant!!’ – Sydney participant, Independent.

‘I learnt not only from Brad but from the other teachers.’ – Sydney participant, DET.

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