The Craft of Writing with David Leser and Brad Kelly – Webinar

The Craft of Writing with David Leser and Brad Kelly – Webinar2020-12-16T15:55:07+11:00


$390 per person + GST

Walkley Award winning feature writer David Leser – whose body of work profiles some of the most remarkable individuals of our times –  teaches teachers the Craft of Writing. In this course, David will take you through some of his feature articles from The Good Weekend, HQ or Australian Woman’s Weekly, as he brings the rubric to life in an inspiring journey through his career as a working writer.

Brad Kelly is the founder and presenter of Cornerstone Teacher Learning. With over 15 years classroom experience and 5 years in professional learning, Brad spends his days helping teachers ask better questions about student writing. 

The Craft of Writing is a course for Year 11 and 12 English teachers that;

  • Gives teachers insight into the Craft of Writing from one of Australia’s most highly respected non-fiction writers.
  • Provides a toolkit for helping teachers to shape their writing with power and precision.
  • Offers an overview of the writing process for Reading to Write and the Craft of Writing.
  • Builds confidence in teachers as writers and writing instructors.

In this five-hour course, you will:

  • Develop an understanding of the importance of reading to write.
  • Identify how the qualities of other writers have made their way into David’s writing.
  • Learn how to help your students respond perceptively to texts to develop insights into the world, themselves and others.
  • Discover how to select texts and extracts that will inform a writing project.
  • Understand the importance of tone, voice and image in shaping ideas.
  • Appreciate the role of purpose and audience in the writing process.
  • Learn to teach students skills that give them greater control of the language.
  • Discover how to convey ideas with increasing power and precision.
  • Develop a toolkit that evokes emotion, shapes perspectives and shares vision.
  • Identify the full spectrum of the writing process for a sustained composition from brainstorming, pre-writing, drafting and final draft.
  • Walk away with a bag full of strategies to help your students gain greater control in their writing.

About the Presenters

David Leser

David Leser (DCA) is one of Australia’s most highly respected feature and profile writers. With a career spanning four decades, he has interviewed and profiled some of the most remarkable individuals of our time. David has written for the Fairfax, Murdoch and Packer press, and has been a feature writer for Good Weekend, HQ, Australian Woman’s Weekly, The Australian and European Vanity Fair. He is currently working on a book due to be published in August 2019 by Allen and Unwin on the #Metoo movement. David is an inspiring teacher with the ability to bring ideas to life in the written word.

Brad Kelly

Brad Kelly (BA, Grad Dip. Ed, MEd Leadership) is an author and writing coach based in Wollongong. He has 15 years of experience in the classroom and in curriculum leadership. Brad has authored five modern history textbooks with Cengage Nelson including The Cold War 1945-1991 (2018), The World Order 1991-2011 (2018), Investigating Modern History (2018) and more. He has been a presenter at HTA NSW, TTA professional learning and consults schools on improving writing instruction. Brad is a tour leader with Academy Travel, and leads the Modern History teacher development tour to Germany and Russia.

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