Teaching Literature to Inspire – Stage 4 and 5 English

Teaching Literature to Inspire – Stage 4 and 5 English2020-12-16T15:50:45+11:00

$290 per person + GST

Garry Hol leads teachers through a journey of literature that will inspire Year 7, 8, 9 and 10 English students. The popular presenter will take participants through the Stage 4 and 5 ‘Reading Room’ to pick extracts and literature that will engage and motivate students, and provide loads of tips and activities to help teachers develop classroom ready resources.

Teaching Literature to Inspire – Stage 4 and 5 English is for teachers of English from Year 7 to 10 who want to:

  • Gain confidence in motivating a love of literature among their students
  • Get a teacher’s toolkit of teaching activities, resources and ideas
  • Understand how to select texts of increasing complexity
  • Build confidence in hitting the main points in the study of literature. 

This five-hour course will:

  • Analyse the qualities of a number of extracts of increasing complexity
  • Examine the thematic concerns in each of the extracts
  • Put the study of literature in the context of adolescent development
  • Workshop teaching strategies to engage students
  • Help students with formative and summative assessment
  • Introduce teachers to the range of adolescent literature.
  • Provide loads of a-ha! moments.

Australian Teacher Professional Standards

2.1.2 Apply knowledge of the content and teaching strategies of the teaching area to develop engaging teaching activities

3.2.2 Plan and implement well-structured learning and teaching programs or lesson sequences that engage students and promote learning


Garry Hol

Garry has spent nearly 20 years in the classroom in state and independent high schools and in the last few years he has become a popular presenter because of his passionate take on literature in the classroom. He is dedicated to helping teachers inspire their students and share his knowledge and resources.

Here’s what people are saying

“Excellent, loads of ideas. Thought provoking.” Sydney participant, Independent.

“Great resources!” Sydney participant, Independent.

 “Thorough, detailed and useful.” Sydney participant, DET.

“All related perfectly to themes and ideas.” Sydney participant, Independent.

“Great, lively, interesting presentation, nice relatable anecdotes and fabulous examples.” Sydney participant, Independent.

“Huge variety of resources.” Sydney participant, Independent.

“Engaging, fun and a little challenging.” Sydney participant, Catholic.

 “Generous in sharing knowledge and resources.” Sydney participant, DET.

“I’ll even be able to use some of this in a resilience /welfare program as year advisor.” Sydney participant, DET.

“Excellent presenting!” Sydney participant, DET.

“I liked the constant linking to companion texts and the in depth analysis of texts. It was a ‘provoking’ and engaging’ day.” Sydney participant, Catholic.

“I will use many texts shown today and some old favourites in a new way.” Sydney participant, Catholic.

“Such a variety of texts. I had a renewal of belief in the capacity of literature/ texts to begin dialogue.” Sydney participant, Catholic.

“Thanks, really enjoyed the day!” Sydney participant, Catholic. 

“The course added to texts that can be used across the stages. Useful texts to stimulate writing.” Sydney participant, DET.

“Excellent ideas for class library and wide reading – texts to motivate students to read. Sydney participant, DET.

“Garry kept it real – practical experience.” Sydney participant, DET. 

“There was a variety of texts, I will be able to use these texts in future. I have been alerted to texts I have not taught.” Sydney participant, DET.

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