Leading Writing Improvement in Your School

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Leading Writing Improvement in Your School 

$300 + GST 

In the 5 hour NESA interim accredited course Leading Writing Improvement at Your School, you will learn about; 

Teacher talk and writing

Participants explore the central idea in this course; that there is a fundamental difference between the act of writing and teaching writing; between what students and teachers do in the writing classroom. Understanding this difference will set your writing improvement program off on the right foot. You will learn about the affective, self-regulatory and cognitive understandings you need to acquire to get your writing program on track. 

Five mindset shifts for teaching writing

In this section, you will learn about the five big mindset shifts required to lead writing improvement in your school: 

  • The one difference that makes all the difference 
  • Writing is thinking 
  • Building teacher skills 
  • Writing as a holistic practice 
  • The order of instruction 

The Writing Cycle 

There are six parts to the writing process – and only one of them is expression. In this section, we will learn to identify six areas where writing improvement problems surface and ask better questions about the development of the thinking.  

Ten Writing Features We All Want 

Leading school writing improvement programs means shared language. In this section, we will explore 10 features of writing that we all want from students – from whatever area of the curriculum. 

We help you lead teachers to think like writers in the language of their subject. 

Rethinking Writing Improvement 

The day will end with discussion structured around five statements that will cause you to rethink the nature of writing improvement. They are designed to bear the weight of any intervention that you may choose or are already involved in. Fundamentally, writing improvement is about how you think – and what could be more practical than that? 

Australian Professional Standards for Teachers

Completing Leading Writing Improvement in Your School before 4 February 2022 under NESA’s interim arrangements will contribute 5 hours and 0 minutes of NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) Accredited PD in the priority area of delivery and assessment of NSW Curriculum addressing standard descriptor and 5.2.2 from the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers towards maintaining Proficient Teacher Accreditation in NSW.

About Brad Kelly: 

Brad Kelly (BA, Grad Dip. Ed, MEd) is a teacher and writer based in Wollongong, NSW. With over 15 years classroom experience, he is now a writing coach, teacher mentor and founder of Cornerstone Teacher Learning and The Pencil and Pad, a boutique writing company. Brad has written seven books and countless articles in the areas of education, finance, lifestyle, technology and more. He has presented with TTA, HTANSW, Cengage Learning and Academy Travel. Brad spends his days working with and listening to teachers from across the state and Australia to find more effective ways to teach student writing.

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