Growing T-Shaped Teachers

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Growing T-Shaped Teachers

Feeling stuck in your teaching journey? Growing T-Shaped Teachers is the course to help you get unstuck.

  Teaching is a complex profession that defies attempts to simplify, sanitise or standardise.  And there’s a good reason for that: learning is difficult. Growing T-shaped Teachers is a supportive, professional learning day for those teachers who feel that they are at crossroads of their profession. This course includes practical activities designed to get you feeling comfortable in your learning zone – so that you can teach with more confidence.

$290 + GST

In this 5-hour NESA accredited course, Growing T-shaped Teachers you will learn;

  • that teachers are humans who need to grow into their profession
  • why teaching is one of the most difficult jobs in the Australian economy
  • why learning is so difficult and unpredictable
  • why not having the right knowledge or tools can quickly become stressful
  • why going to the zone of your proximal development gives you a priceless insight into the teaching and learning cycle
  • about the vertical stem on the T – why deep disciplinary knowledge sets you free from unrealistic expectations
  • about the horizontal stem on the T – why ‘21st century skills’ only work in the context of deep disciplinary knowledge
  • why teaching is not telling – and how to frame your instruction
  • how to train your assessment eye in a way that takes out the stress
  • rethinking where the weight of your preparation and instruction sits
  • and much more.

About Brad Kelly:

Brad Kelly (MA Education Leadership), BA, Grad Dip. Ed) is founder of Cornerstone Teacher Learning, a new professional learning company that has presented to over 1,000 teachers in its first 18 months. Brad is a specialist in writing instruction and assessment, and he believes passionately in promoting teacher wellbeing. He was a teacher for over 15 years and held leadership positions in welfare, curriculum and staff care; he has also been a school consultant. Brad created the ‘Growing T-shaped Teachers’ course because he believes that teachers need confidence and new skills to grow into each stage of their careers.

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