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The teaching writing playbook for beginning teachers

8 April 2024 – Webinar

The Teaching Writing Playbook is a 5-hour course that is aimed at beginning teachers to get your writing instruction off on the right foot. 

Too many writing programs emphasise expression, and while that is important, most writing problems are not found there. The Teaching Writing Playbook helps you to identify other, more surprising, paths to writing improvement. 

The Playbook is for every teacher from across the curriculum to give you the confidence, skills, rules and insight needed to help your students express what they know and understand in your subject. 

Writing is the holy grail of school improvement. But there are thorny issues around improvement. First, we have adopted too narrow a definition of writing and so we lean into one of two places: a paragraph first approach or a return to traditional grammatical correctness. The second overlooked issue is that writing and teaching writing are two different skillsets. 

What students do in the writing classroom – from whatever your subject area – is a holistic practice which takes into account the location, understanding, selection (and selection is the super power of writing!), organisation and expression of their learning.

$360 (+GST)