Civil rights in the usa

Join Dr. Sam Frappell, author of Civil Rights in the USA for this 5-hour elective PD on the US Civil Rights movement. In this course, understand the position of African Americans in 1945 and examine some of the most celebrated moments in the struggle for civil rights. We will explore key moments including the Montgomery Bus Boycott and the role of Rosa Park, the freedom rides and March on Washington and more. Dr. Sam will take you through the key debates about the civil rights movement and also help teachers develop their writing skills relevant to the Civil Rights in the USA unit.

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In this course you will learn

PART 1: The position of African Americans in 1945

  • Outlining the extent of racial segregation and various forms of discrimination
  • Explaining the impact of World War II on the circumstances of African Americans in the United States
  • Writing ‘outline’ and ‘describe’ responses

PART 2: Struggles for civil rights

  • Formation and role of groups such as NAACP, CORE, SCLC and SNCC and their ideas for change
  • The methods employed by civil rights movements in the United States across the period: local and national boycotts, direct action and political agitation
  • The opposition to civil rights: the Ku Klux Klan, the White Citizens’ Council
  • Writing explanations about ‘methods’, ‘impact’, ‘significance’

PART 3: Key events of the civil rights movement

  • Montgomery Bus Boycott and the role of Rosa Parks
  • The desegregation of Little Rock High School
  • Freedom Rides
  • March on Washington
  • ‘Mississippi Freedom Summer’ of 1964
  • The assassination of Martin Luther King
  • The influence of the US civil rights movement beyond the USA
  • Writing explanations about ‘significance’, ‘impact’ and ‘extent’

PART 4: Key debates about the civil rights movement

  • Efforts of Martin Luther King to achieve change for African Americans
  • Martin Luther King and Malcom X: beliefs, aims and methods
  • Achievements of the civil rights movement, including:
    • The nature of social and political change
    • The significance of legislative change including the Civil Rights Act (1964)
    • The attitudes of US presidents
  • Debates about ‘success’, ‘differences between King and Malcolm X’, ‘attitudes of Presidents’, ‘impact of opposition groups’, integrating key sources.

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About Dr. sam

Dr. Sam Frappell is a senior Modern History teacher with a PhD in History from the University of Sydney. She has written a range of history texts for primary and secondary students, including Civil Rights in the USA (Small Caps, 2022). Her interests include American, Japanese, film, Medieval and Australian history. Sam also leads teacher professional learning tours for Libertas travel and presents courses for Cornerstone on the areas of Civil Rights in the US and Japan.