The Beginning Teacher 2 hour course

The Beginning Teacher 2 hour course2021-09-27T12:34:56+11:00

Teaching Writing for the Beginning Teacher – 2 hour course

Get your teaching writing career off on the right foot 

The Teaching Writing for the Beginning Teacher 2 hour course begins with a thirty minute activity designed to get you into the shoes of your students. We then spend the next 90 minutes examining writing through the eyes of a student. This will include identifying THREE mindsets that you should adopt about teaching writing throughout your teaching career, and THREE practical strategies that you can use in the classroom to achieve better student writing outcomes – starting tomorrow.

$AUD132 (inc. GST)

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  • What it feels like to be inside the shoes of your student – and why that makes all the difference

  • The affective, self-regulatory and cognitive aspects of writing

  • Why writing is an expression of thinking, using the writing tools at your fingertips

  • The kinds of vocabulary to focus on to get an immediate improvement in student writing

  • Getting more out of your lower ability students