The difference between writing and teaching writing

The truth is, there is no road map to more effective teaching of writing. But there is a compass – and the north point is understanding the difference between writing and teaching writing. The journey to better writing instruction begins with understanding this one thing: [...]

The Changing World Order (1991-2011)

By 1991, the United States was the sole superpower in the world. Brad Kelly provided a brief overview of the bumpy path of American foreign policy in the post-Cold War world for the HTA’s Teaching History magazine. “Gosh, I miss the Cold War…” By the [...]

Lauren Chater talks The Craft of Writing

When Lauren Chater compared using similes and metaphors to garnishing a dish it seemed fitting. Her non-fiction book Well Read Cookies combined her two loves of baking and literature. Perhaps she is onto something. According to writing coach John Warner, writers and chefs have a [...]

Lauren Chater – Reading and Researching to Write

In the final stages of editing her new book Gulliver’s Wife, Lauren Chater talks to Cornerstone about the importance of research in storytelling. “I would say research is at least 50% if not 80% of the actual work,” she says, “I like to read as [...]

Mary-Lou Stephens on Dialogue 

‘Two Orchards’ is Mary-Lou Stephens’ new novel about the tumultuous years of the Tasmanian apple industry after the 1967 bushfires. Here she talks about the power of getting the dialogue right.  For Mary-Lou Stephens dialogue can do a lot more heavy lifting than merely the [...]

Mary-Lou Stephens Reading to Write

Mary-Lou Stephens’ last act before embracing ten days of silence at the Vipassana meditation retreat was to sit down and talk to Cornerstone about the importance of reading and research to the writing process.   Mary-Lou Stephens knew little about apples and even less about [...]

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