‘Brad changed my perspective on teaching and writing.’

‘Excellent insight into how to apply writing strategies to improve writing for all students.’

‘The writing component helped me realise the level of thinking it required for students.’

‘Highly relevant and effective with relevant anecdotes and real-life experiences of successes and failures – relatable! Insightful.’ 

‘Brad knew his stuff and was very passionate. He drew in his own experiences which were effective and he was excellent at drawing on people’s responses.’

‘Wonderful! Clear, engaging and helpful. Used analogies that made sense!’

‘Brad was easy to listen to. An experienced writer, approachable and helpful, highly knowledgeable.’

‘Really, really useful – a real mind shift in how I think about teaching writing.’

‘Not overwhelming. Everything in one handy booklet.’

‘Brad created an intimate, positive learning environment.’

Five Hour Courses

Teaching Writing in History

Teaching Writing in History takes you step-by-step through the process of writing three essays at junior, middle and senior history levels.

Ideal for high school history teachers

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Writing in Modern History

A course for Year 11 and 12 teachers who want to help their students write essays that are rich in clarity, concise sentences, relevant historical detail and sustained arguments.

Ideal for high school modern history teachers

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Improving Writing Across the Curriculum

Improving Writing Across the Curriculum is a 5-hour course that teaches you the technical writing skills to improve student writing – in whatever your subject area.

Ideal for teachers from across the curriculum

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The Teaching Writing Playbook

The Teaching Writing Playbook challenges the deep grooves of thinking that have developed around teaching writing.

 Ideal for literacy leaders and teachers from across the curriculum

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Two Hour Courses

Teaching Writing For Beginning Teachers

Teaching Writing for Beginning Teachers is designed to help you start your teaching career on the right foot when it comes to teaching writing.

Ideal for beginning teachers

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The Writing Cycle

The Writing Cycle is the view from ‘inside’ six major elements of writing to help you teach writing more holistically.

Ideal for all teachers from across the curriculum

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Thanks, but I’m here for the history courses.

The Cold War

Brad Kelly is author of The Cold War 1945-1991. You can buy the book, join the course or learn it old school correspondence.

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The Changing World Order

Brad Kelly is author of World Order 1991-2011. Click below to buy the book, attend a course or learn through old school correspondence.

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Pompeii and Herculaneum

Dr. Estelle Lazer will be presenting 5 hours of elective professional learning on Pompeii and Herculaneum on September 2, 2022.  

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Student Courses

Writing an Essay in Modern History

Are you struggling to write an essay? You need this seminar. 

Capped at 10 students per session to allow for feedback and questions.

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Up to 18 Hours of Self Paced Online Courses

The Writing Hedge

The Writing Hedge is 18 hours of self-paced online teaching writing courses.

Ideal for any teacher from across the curriculum

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Can I buy Brad’s books?

The Teaching Writing Playbook

This is the most surprising path to writing improvement

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The Cold War 1945-1991

The Cold War covers the HSC syllabus and is also relevant to A-levels and IB

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Take me to the other books, please

Power and Authority

Co-written with Jonathon Dallimore, Robert Loeffel and Michael Spurr, this book is out this month for the NSW Modern History core topic

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Meet team Cornerstone

Isabel van Gent (left) is events manager. She handles bookings and accounts, and has been with Cornerstone since the first day. Isabel is also a writer who contributes to content by interviewing authors and maintaining our social media. Brad Kelly (middle) is founder, writer and teacher who spends his time writing and teaching writing – and exploring the wide space between the two by writing, and developing and teaching new courses. Ally Geaghan (right) is our graphic designer who produces our e-books and our new teaching materials for 2022. A recent graduate of the University of Wollongong, Ally has also helped brand the new stream of courses.

Together, we also make up The Pencil and Pad, a writing company that works with schools, businesses and organisations to craft stories that attract eyeballs and resonates with their clients.

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