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Our professional learning courses are designed around one core principle: there is a difference between what teachers do, which is teach writing, and what students do, which is write.

We think understanding that difference is the bedrock of writing improvement that works.

Like you, we’re on an improvement journey. We regularly update our courses and create new ones in response to what we have learned from you. You are welcome to check back regularly for updates or new courses.

We are also excited to announce our new online courses at The Writing Hedge  and our new series of e-books, seminars and courses called The Teaching Writing Playbook.

Look around at our course offerings and we look forward to seeing you soon.

Chat soon.

Founder and presenter
Brad Kelly

Popular Courses

The 10 Week Teaching Writing Challenge

Each fortnight you’ll learn a new teaching writing skill and then come back to a zoom session to tell us all about it. You’ll gain more skills and confidence in teaching writing – from whatever area of the curriculum you come from.

The 10 Week Teaching Writing Challenge begins on the 13th July 2021.

20 hours of elective PD | $400 per person + GST

Improving Writing Instruction Across the Curriculum  7-12

Whatever your subject area, we all want the same thing; students who can clearly communicate and support their ideas and arguments using detailed evidence and subject-specific language.

5 Hours | $300 per person + GST 

Cities of Vesuvius – Pompeii and Herculaneum with Dr Estelle Lazer

Cornerstone welcomes back Dr. Estelle Lazer for her course on Cities of Vesuvius.

 Join us on Zoom on the 12 October 2021 for all the latest updated information.

5 Hours | $360 per person + GST


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Brad Kelly
Founder and Presenter


Garry Hol


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Dr Estelle Lazer


Dr Mark Tredinnick


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Cornerstone Teacher Learning
Cornerstone Teacher Learning3 months ago
Mark Tredinnick is a celebrated writer, teacher and poet with over 25 years’ experience teaching writing at the University of Sydney. His highly acclaimed book The Little Red Writing Book—a lively and readable guide to lively and readable writing— is a staple in English staffrooms across Australia and sits on many creative writers’ desks. Mark is the author of twenty books, most recently, Walking Underwater (2021), and with over 200 essays, reviews and papers; clarity, humanity, humour and craft are the hallmarks of his teaching.

Dr Mark Tredinnick will be running The Teaching Writing Toolkit on the 21st June.


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Cornerstone Teacher Learning
Cornerstone Teacher Learning3 months ago
We are running a new course today.

Media Literacy in the Misinformation Age.

As a society, our consumption of media is increasingly aligned with our view of the world. But underneath our choice of news is a far bigger, more interesting story.

In the week before you join this course, you will be asked to go on a media diet by unfollowing your favourite sources of media, and following media outlets that don’t traditionally align with your view of the world.


#cornerstoneteacherlearning #media #literacy #improvingwriting #writinginstruction #teachingwriting #teachersupportteachers #education #teachers #schools
Cornerstone Teacher Learning
Cornerstone Teacher Learning3 months ago
Welcome to the profession.

The course Writing Instruction for the Beginning Teacher will be running on Tuesday the 27th April.

Getting writing instruction off on the right foot is an important part of your teaching journey. After all, students need to be able to write what they know in your subject. Writing Instruction for the Beginning Teacher is a 5-hour course designed to help you navigate the path of writing improvement for you and your students. It will show you the mindsets you need to adopt and the skills you will need to learn to become strong at writing instruction.


#cornerstoneteacherlearning #improvingwriting #writinginstruction #teachingwriting #teachersupportteachers #education #teachers #schools #newteacher
Cornerstone Teacher Learning
Cornerstone Teacher Learning3 months ago
The weather is getting colder and we're back at school. It's just as important for teachers to have breaks throughout the day as it is for students.

#cornerstoneteacherlearning #improvingwriting #writinginstruction #teachingwriting #teacher #school #education #writing

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