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Brad Kelly - Founder, Cornerstone Teacher Learning

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Hi, I’m Brad Kelly. 

Thank you for visiting Cornerstone Teacher Learning. We are delighted to serve your professional learning needs for our sixth year. 

Since we started at the beginning of 2019, we have expanded our range of courses from writing instruction into history and English, with new speakers and a broader range of courses. 

We launched our self-paced online courses last year and their popularity means that this year we will invest more into the production and range of these courses. 

At Cornerstone, we work tirelessly to develop teacher professional development courses that help you become a more inspired learner and a better teacher. 

Take a look around and I hope to see you at a course soon. 


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For every course sale in 2024, Cornerstone will donate $10 to the Ronald McDonald Learning Program to provide one-on-one tutoring to help seriously ill children catch up on their learning.



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Brad is the author and co-author of six modern history textbooks that are used in schools across Australia.