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Our NESA accredited professional learning courses are designed around one core principle: there is a difference between what teachers do, which is teach writing, and what students do, which is write.

We think understanding that difference is the bedrock of writing improvement that works.

Like you, we’re on an improvement journey. We regularly update our courses and create new ones in response to what we have learned from you. You are welcome to check back regularly for updates or new courses.

We are also excited to announce our new subscription service Writing Improvement Unlimited. We wanted to create something that would allow us to join your literacy team and stay the course.

Look around at our course offerings and we look forward to seeing you soon.

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Founder and presenter
Brad Kelly

Popular Courses

Writing in Junior History

Senior history students are made in junior history – so stop starting from scratch every year. Writing in Junior History is a 5 hour NESA endorsed course that provides a clear path of writing skills from Years 7 to 10 that places historical sources at the centre of writing improvement. The course offers a thorough grounding in source analysis, building an argument and the nuts and bolts of writing in history.

NESA Endorsed | 5 hours | $330 per person + GST 

Improving Writing Instruction Across the Curriculum  7-12

Whatever your subject area, we all want the same thing; students who can clearly communicate and support their ideas and arguments using detailed evidence and subject-specific language.

NESA Endorsed | 5 Hours | $330 per person + GST 

Cities of Vesuvius – Pompeii and Herculaneum with Dr Estelle Lazer

A Cornerstone Teacher Learning Special Event

Zoom Webinars on 16th & 17th November 2020

NESA Endorsed | 5 Hours | $360 per person + GST


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Brad Kelly
Founder and Presenter


Garry Hol


David Leser


Dr Estelle Lazer


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Cornerstone Teacher Learning
Cornerstone Teacher Learning7 days ago
In Sydney killing time before a consult and drinking at the Cornerstone
Cornerstone Teacher Learning
Cornerstone Teacher Learning1 week ago

At Cornerstone, we’ve been pulling in the direction of this thought for two years since we started.

Writing is complex - and the only way to get better at it is to get better at teaching it.

It is complex - but it also achievable. - Brad
Cornerstone Teacher Learning
Cornerstone Teacher Learning2 weeks ago
This article was written entirely by a robot.
Cornerstone Teacher Learning
Cornerstone Teacher Learning2 weeks ago
Today is international literacy day with this year's focus on 'literacy teaching and learning in the Covid19 crisis and beyond.'

#teachingwriting #literacyday #literacy #teach #teaching #writing #learning #teachingandlearning
Cornerstone Teacher Learning
Cornerstone Teacher Learning2 weeks ago
An exciting new product being filmed to be released ... soon.
Cornerstone Teacher Learning
Cornerstone Teacher Learning4 weeks ago
I’m late to the party on this book - but so glad I was gifted it.

Leigh Sales goes into the lives of the people behind some of Australia’s biggest news stories of the last 25 years to chat with them about the experience of waking up to an ordinary day and having their lives turned upside down by the end of it.

It’s a book about being blindsided by tragedy and adapting to a new normal. She interviews ordinary people shaped by Port Arthur, the Thredbo landslide, the ‘ice man’ - remember the Mars Bar? - Lindt Cafe, and more.

So well written - and a book for our times.

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