Taking Another Look at Assessment

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About Taking Another Look at Assessment – Online 

Online Course

$350 +GST


  • 6 NESA endorsed hours
  • 3 x 2 hour modules delivered over 3 weeks
  • Participants receive lecture notes, audio materials and activities to complete and send back
  • 30 minute zoom session
  • Ongoing email support from a tutor

Face to Face

$390 +GST

5 NESA endorsed hours

About the Course

The purpose of assessment is to accurately capture where students are in their learning at the time of assessment. This course will use the metaphor of the camera lens – a mid-shot, wide-angle and close-up – to help teachers develop, select and use appropriate assessment strategies to assess student learning. Developing our ability to ‘see’ the nature of progress and achievement is fundamental to understanding the next steps in the teaching and learning cycle. Taking Another Look at Assessmentwill build teachers capacity to understand the purpose of assessment, develop skills in designing more effective summative tasks and help develop a mindset for in-class formative assessment strategies and providing effective feedback.

In this FIVE HOUR (face to face) or SIX HOUR (online) course, teachers will learn:

  • The fundamental purpose of assessment as establishing where students are in their learning
  • The differences between summative, formative and diagnostic assessment
  • To design assessments that clearly and effectively show how well students have achieved outcomes, skills and knowledge
  • To develop mindsets to account for the wide range of student ability in the typical Australian classroom
  • To understand the importance of building assessment around outcomes for clarity
  • About achievement descriptors – and how to make them concrete in your classroom.
  • How to capture the mid-shot in your day to day classroom activities
  • How to use the wide-lens shot by developing an understanding of progressions and ‘I Can’ statements
  • How to provide effective feedback strategies and in-class formative assessment practices that will bring clarity in your classroom.

About the Presenter  

Brad Kelly

Brad Kelly (BA, Grad Dip. Ed, MEd Leadership) is an author and writing coach based at St. Mary’s Star of the Sea College in Wollongong. He has 15 years of experience in the classroom and in curriculum leadership. He is fascinated by how teachers teach writing and how students learn to write. Brad spends his days observing, discussing and trying to understand insights into developing student writing. He has authored five modern history textbooks with Cengage Nelson including The Cold War 1945-1991 (2018), The World Order 1991-2011 (2018), Investigating Modern History (2018) and more. He has been a presenter at HTA NSW, TTA professional learning and consults schools on improving writing instruction. Brad is a tour leader with Academy Travel, and leads the Modern History teacher development tour to Germany and Russia. He reckons that teachers have got the hardest job in the world.

Here’s what people are saying! 

‘Great discussion and conversation.’ – Sydney participant, Independent.

‘A great chance to ‘refresh’ skills and strategies that are already familiar. I now have a better understanding of formative assessment.’ – Roseville participant, DET.

‘Easy to implement booklet great to be able to take ideas and share back at school.’ – Roseville participant, DET.

‘Very useful.’ – Roseville participant, Independent.

‘Great…Loved not having to sit through a powerpoint presentation. Small group was great as well.’ – Sydney participant, DET.

‘Very friendly.’ – Roseville participant, Independent.

‘Nice small group and opportunities to share stories.’ – Roseville participant, Independent.

‘Plenty of real examples.’ –Roseville participant, Independent.

‘I loved talking and sharing ideas with other teachers.’ – Sydney participant, Independent.

‘Great discussions and strategies!’ – Roseville participant, DET.

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