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Improving Writing Instruction Across the Curriculum  7-12

Whatever your subject area, we all want the same thing; students who can clearly communicate and support their ideas and arguments using detailed evidence and subject-specific language.

 5 Hours | $390 per person + GST

Taking Another Look at Assessment 

This course will help teachers build their capacity to capture accurate snapshots of student learning by using a series of lenses – the mid-shot, wide-angle and close-up – to strengthen their skills in summative, diagnostic and formative assessment practices. 

5 hours | $390 per person + GST

Teaching Literature to Inspire – Stage 4 and 5 English

Garry Hol leads teachers through a journey of literature that will inspire Year 7, 8, 9 and 10 English students. The popular presenter will take participants through the Stage 4 and 5 ‘Reading Room’ to pick extracts and literature that will engage and motivate students, and provide loads of tips and activities to help teachers develop classroom ready resources. 

5 Hours | $390 per person + GST


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Brad Kelly
Founder and Presenter


Garry Hol


David Leser


Isabel van Gent
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Mary-Lou Stephens on Dialogue 

‘Two Orchards’ is Mary-Lou Stephens’ new novel about the tumultuous years of the Tasmanian apple industry after the 1967 bushfires. Here she talks about the power of getting the dialogue right.  For Mary-Lou Stephens dialogue [...]

Mary-Lou Stephens Reading to Write

Mary-Lou Stephens’ last act before embracing ten days of silence at the Vipassana meditation retreat was to sit down and talk to Cornerstone about the importance of reading and research to the writing process.   [...]

Why I’d Take Growth Over Achievement

By the end of last week, I learned that chutzpah has a silent ‘c’. I read a memoir about the dangers facing a woman born without a sense of time and space (how far away [...]

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